PGM Manager


If one of the deliverables for the control network you're about to install is witness diagrams, chances are somebody's getting primed in the office to sit and produce CAD drawings from all the site sketches. Then once they're all done all the handwritten notes need to be typed up, double checked, the drawings pasted in and PDFs produced.  Hours of work that could be better spent elsewhere.


PGM Manager lets surveyors record all the data about installed permanent ground markers whilst on-site using their smartphones/tablets, including things like:

  • job information
  • GPS location and accuracy (OS grid reference automatically calculated too)
  • position on a map
  • annotated photograph showing the distances from the nail to three nearby landmarks (example below)

This data is then exported into Kulla, our online web portal where people back at base can instantly review and edit the information, add in things like sub 10mm coordinates after post-processing, batch update all the PGMs in a job and uploading other images and diagrams if the material captured by the phone/table isn't suitable.


Once everything's complete, there's nothing to type and no CAD drawings required.  It just takes a few clicks to produce as many PDF witness diagrams as you like.  Common templates for the Environment Agency and Network Rail are built-in, and we can add in your own in-house designs as well for free.


And as usage continues, you build up a searchable database of all your control so if you need to go back to site, you can quickly see exactly what's there and who put it in.

All you need to get started is a free account on our web portal and an iOS or Android mobile device - more details here ›

Videos of the App

Videos of the Web Portal


App Benefits

  • Improved Data Capture - data capture is much faster and more accurate as details are recorded on-site at the time of installation rather than being hand written in notepads etc. Data is autocompleted from login details and records can be duplicated and changed slightly if there are many markers on a single site to avoid repetition
  • Link Photos to Data - up to six photos per marker can be taken with the device's camera and stored alongside the data meaning no more trying to keep track of pictures on camera SD cards
  • Standardisation - all information is gathered in a standardised manner with audit trail of who exported what, timestamps etc
  • Offline - app works where there is no wifi or phone signal - internet is only required to export
  • Location Aware - device's hardware is used to get GPS positioning and quickly zoom a map to the current location
  • Diagram Creation - drag n' drop user interface components allow the quick creation of effective diagrams overlayed over photographs to show measurements from the marker to landmarks close by (including arrow to indicate north automatically provided using the device's compass)
  • Versatile - fields included for specialist applications such as Network Rail
  • Easy Uploads - bulk upload feature to save time exporting all newly captured data. Data can be re-uploaded if information needs to be amended on the device
  • Instant Access - once uploaded, data is visible instantly via web browser
  • Universal - compatible with both iPhones and iPads


Web Benefits

  • Easy to Locate - all PGM data is organised by job numbers which are both sortable and searchable
  • Grouped - click on a job number to see and perform actions on all PGMs under that job in one place
  • Editable - go into individual PGMs and edit every field, the map and which photographs to export. Batch update every PGM in a given job with information that is identical across them all with one click
  • Visualise - see all the PGMs under one job on a map, and click on the markers to take you to the detail for that marker
  • One-Click PDF Witness Diagram Creation - use our generic diagrams or get in touch and we'll create custom diagrams specifically for your company based on what you use already. Standard templates such as Network Rail are available too. Export one at a time or choose any or all of the PGMs in a job to batch export in one go
  • Asset Management - search by location to see any PGMs within a given search radius displayed on a map. Immediately see the ID and job number by hovering over the markers and click on a marker to be taken to the detail for that PGM. Ideal for identifying and reusing control already installed at client sites