Personnel Management

Use mobile technology to distribute documents to surveyors in the field, make reporting back quick and simple with all information being uploaded to a central location that can be accessed immediately by people back in the office.


Document Acknowledgement

One your Site Assessments, RAMS and Work Descriptions are in Kulla, quickly distribute them to the relevant members of staff via their smartphones.

Then, using a quick and easy interface surveyors can acknowledge that they have seen them and agree to the contents, ensuring compliance with Safe Systems of Work.

Users logging into the web poprtal can see at a glance who has and hasn't accepted the documents, when they were acknowledged etc.


Shift Reports

A quick and simple way for the person in charge on-site to record:

  • Job information, date, location etc
  • Other staff and contractors present
  • Planned work
  • Work completed
  • Photos and additional information

And instantly upload the data to Kulla so other users can see what's been happening straight away


Time Sheets

Using smartphones, surveyors can log how many hours they've worked on a particular job with just a few taps, press a button and it's submitted straight away.

Data for each particular job can be seen in realtime in the web portal allowing rapid cost analysis and invoiceing


Mileage/Expenses Tracking

Useful tools that people can use when they're out on the road to quickly and easily track mileage and expenses on their phones.

These can then be uploaded into Kulla, where all the details will be logged against jobs in the system making submission, logging and admin tasks a breeze.

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