New Beta Version of Manhole Inspection App Released

It's been a while since we launched the first beta version of our new Manhole Inspection app, and would like to say a big thank you to all our intrepid beta testers who using the app on-site and provided lots of valuable feedback.

Based on that feedback, we've added a big list of refinements and new features to both the app and the web portal including:

  • Connectivity sketch diagram that can be quickly drawn by dragging components around the screen with your finger
  • The app now only records depths - all levels (pipe inverts, chamber bottom, water etc) are automatically calculated from the cover level in the web portal once the data has been uploaded. They automatically appear in the manhole card templates as well
  • Validation on GPS fields to strip out invalid values
  • List of manholes remains on the same page when returning from the manhole detail on the web
  • Ability to add Eastings and Northings when editing manholes on the web
  • Additional options for shaft condition dropdown
  • Biscuit material text field replaced with dropdown menu
  • Unknown option added to Slab/Taper dropdown
  • Unknown option added to Chamber Material dropdown
  • Unknown option added to Chamber Condition dropdown
  • Upload errors display properly in manhole list
  • Validation added for "Same as Length" button on shaft and chamber dimensions
  • Radio buttons selections can be cleared on the web

The app is available on both Android and iOS.

Current Android users will have been updated already if they have automatic updates turned on, otherwise they can grab the latest version from the Play Store.

Beta versions of iOS are always a pain to distribute, so we just uploaded the latest version to the App Store instead so users can get it directly from there, and any future updates will be easy to install. Any current users, be aware that this version of the app will install separately to any previous versions you may have.

We hope all our beta testers find the updates save them even more time and effort when it comes to recording their manhole inspection data, and for any new visitors who would like to try out the app for themselves, simply fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch.

Happy surveying!