We're on a mission to help surveyors! How will we do that?

By developing a range of apps to help save them time and money.

Kullasoft are Mobile App Developers for the Survey Industry and we've been talking to lots of companies recently about the types of problems they face in their day-to-day activities.  As a result of this, we've now got lots of ideas for future app development.

To help us plan how we're going to make these things a reality, we want you tell us which apps you're interested in the most (or let us know if you have an other idea that's not on the list).

Here's what we've got in the pipeline - once you've decided which ones are for you, just let us know in the form below and you'll be entered into the draw to win a Hydro Flask.  You'll also be notified when your chosen apps become available.

Site Inspection
Quickly identify and record site risks with your smartphone and store them in a central location for reference back at base.

Risk Assessments
Speed up the generation of risk assessments with simple tools built in to our web portal, ideally formatted for viewing on mobile devices.

Method Statements
Create method statements alongside risk assessments and store them in the best way to be distributed and utilised on smartphones and tablets.

Work Descriptions
Produce and store work desccriptions that can be sent out to workers in the field via their mobile devices.


Doc Acknowledgement
A simple way for workers in the field to be sent RAMS documents on their phones and confirm they've received with a few taps.

Shift Reports
An easy method for surveyors on-site to record the work that's taken place and instantly send it back to the office.

Rather than typing up timesheets and using email, surveyors can spend a few seconds on their phones and upload them straight away.

One simple app for mobile devices that surveyors can use on the road to track mileage/expenses and neatly format them for processing.


Manhole Inspections
An app surveyors can use to log manhole information and upload it to a web portal, where manhole cards can be created with a mouse click.

Site Notes
Quickly take photos and tag them with text, location etc and upload them to Kulla for future reference and sharing.

Condition Survey
Replace paper forms with mobile technology for recording asset conditions, then automatically generate custom reports.

Snagging Survey
Capture any work left to do by contractors along with photographs, save them all to a central location and produce reports.


Toolbox Talks
Keep track of all the Toolbox Talks that have been given and upload them to Kulla to free up the Health & Safety manager's inbox.

Close Calls
Make it easy for people to log Close Calls by having an app where they take quick photo, and some text and upload it Kulla for review.

Site Audits
Speed up site audits and georeference them to prove they've been done correctly and not just made up in the office.

Planned Inspections
Save all the questionnaries for things like WAH, Manual Handling, Buried Services, PPE etc in a simple app and upload the answers for review.

If you want more detail on any of these apps, click here

Enter your details below and vote for the app(s) you are most interested in! We will notify you when your chosen app(s) are available!

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