Job Preparation

A range of tools to speed up the creation of all the documents that need to be in place before any surveying can take place.  Quickly log site assessment data and store it in a central location where you can also upload or create Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Word Descriptions in a format that can be sent out to mobile devices in the field.


Site Assessments

A tool to use when doing a site inspection to record things like:

  • Site details, date, time, scope, who carried out etc
  • Ratings for the various inspections carried out
  • Descriptions of issues raised, category, risk factor, preventative actions etc
  • Relevant photos

This data can then be uploaded into Kulla to be used for RAMS and Work Descriptions

Risk Assessments, Method Statements & Work Descriptions

We want you to be able to get your RAMS an Work Descriptions into Kulla. That way it will be easier to distribute to the people who need it out on-site, in the best format to be viewed on mobile devices.

You will either be able to upload the physical files you use now like .docx, or use built-in tools to create the documents within the web portal in double-quick time.

Data that comes back from the field such as shift reports and timesheets than then be organised with the rest of the job information.

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