Health & Safety

Improve your safe working practices by making it mucheasier for people on-site to log their activities and send them back to base, and free up the Health & Safety Manager's inbox by recording everything in one central location that can be accessed via a web browser. 


Toolbox Talks

Help out the poor soul in charge of monitoring health & safety by recording your Toolbox Talks with a simple app that lets you quickly and easily capture the details of what took place and who was present.

Then just upload them into Kulla where they can be reviewed/searched in one central location on-demand, rather than cluttering up somebody's inbox. 


Close Calls

Make it a matter of a few taps on your phone to record any close calls that get encountered on-site and upload them to Kulla as soon as you have an internet connection.

Have them logged by time, date and location all in one place.

Site Audits and Planned Inspections

Have all the questions and and tools you need to carry out your various Health & Safety inspections out on-site on your mobile device, and use technology like the location hardware to geotag and timestamp reports to demonstrate the proper compliance with safety procedures.

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