Data Capture

Whatever data you need to collect on-site as part of the works carried out, we're making apps that have you covered. Banish paper forms to the history books and use your smartphone or table to record all the information, upload it to Kulla and create things like witness diagrams and manhole cards at the click of a button

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PGM Logging

Kullasoft's PGM Manager App allows all the data surrounding the installation of a permanent ground marker to be captured on-site as the work is carried out. Then, it can be sent over the internet into Kulla, our web portal where you can review and edit the information, view the markers on a map and generate custom witness diagrams at the push of a button.


Manhole Inspections

Similar to PGM Manger, the Manhole Inspection app will allow surveyors to capture all the relevant data relating to manhole inspections while on-site such as:

  • Job details, date, surveyor, location etc
  • Type, cover shape, material, condition, dimensions etc
  • Details and measurements of incoming and outgoing pipes
  • Photographs and plan sketch

Then once uploaded, the data can be viewed and edited by people back in the office, and PDF manhole cards created to your specific templates at the touch of a button


Site Notes

A simple app that will let you take pictures and tag them with text, location details, timestamp etc. Handy for preliminary site visits, walkovers, general images of the work area and anything else you quickly needs to make a note of.

Help the people back at base piece together the jigsaw of data, or refer back yourself at a later date.


Asset Condition Surveys

Mobile Apps that will provide simple interfaces to record the relevant data about whatever assets need to be examined out in the field and upload the information to Kulla.

Once the data is in the system it can be instantly accessed by anyone on-site via their smartphone or tablet so they can see the most up-to-date information of what's around them, update if any changes are made and look back through the history of the asset if needs be.

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