How much MONEY and TIME can we save your company when you install our PGM App?

That’s the question on everyone’s lips when we meet them, and we wanted to do our research so we could answer that question honestly. Well, we’ve got to be truthful we were pretty amazed when we did do the research as we didn’t realise quite how much time and money we are saving customers.  

"It reduces manual errors and is a lot neater too!"

Mike Hopkins, Storm Geomatics


Here’s the facts!

One of our customers told us that they completed 48 witness diagrams in one day. Without the app it would have taken 3 days work in the office on top of the time in the field. Using the app on this particular job saved our customer £600 and 2 days of time. 

We noticed some variation in how long it took people to process the data back in the office, but in general, the average time saved to collect the data and create a witness diagram is 45 minutes. Meaning companies have much more improved margins.

On average companies using our software have achieved a 200% productivity increase. 

"Did you say a 200% Productivity Increase? WOW!

So it’s a no brainer right? Using the PGM App will save YOUR business LOTS of TIME and LOTS of MONEY! For your FREE Demo or invite to our pie morning, please see our "Pie Event"