We Love Data!

Alert: Data geek! We love data and we want to help you collect it.

With over 3000 logins and 96 registered users, we at Kullasoft are thrilled that so many people are starting to use our apps to collect the information they need. Lets be honest, data capture using mobile apps is why Jimmy Pewtress started Kullasoft to begin with. We live in a data rich world and we must develop effective ways in which to gather and organize all of that information. Gone are the days of recording data by hand on paper whereby later, you then have to sort through endless notes and decipher you or your colleagues illegible handwriting. This of course wastes a whole lot of time and money. And we can all agree, we would all like more time and money.

Luckily, we now have the advantages of modern technology and an endless development of awesome apps like ours that are out there specifically to support you in your daily life or workflow. As one of our clients have said; with the aid of Kullasoft's PGM Manager App, data can be uploaded directly from site in a state that is 95% complete. These are the kind of benefits we want to deliver with our apps so that our customers can work with ease and concentrate on more important tasks at hand. 

“It’s really satisfying to see our data starting to build over time as it means our customers are benefitting from our products on a day to day basis. Kulla is built on cloud architecture that can expand to accommodate as much data as users can throw at it so we look forward to seeing usage increase even more over the coming months!” Jimmy Pewtress

To find out more about what kind of data our PGM Manager app collects and compare the old methods vs. the new methods, click the button below: