The Top 5 Questions We Get Asked at Kullasoft

At Kullasoft we get asked a lot of questions about our apps. The first one we’ve brought to the market is called PGM Manager. It’s an app for surveyors to enable them to capture data surrounding the installation of permanent ground markers or control points whilst on-site, upload the information to a central location and then create PDF witness diagrams at the click of a button. 

In our first blog, we answer the top 5 most common questions asked by our customers:

1. What platforms does it work on?  

At the moment, Kullasoft offers the PGM Manager App on iOS platform. We are working toward an Android version for early 2017.

2. Does it work offline? 

Yes, the PGM Manager App will work completely offline. The only thing that’s affected by not having a signal is not being able to download maps, but these can be added in later in Kulla.

All data is stored on the device until you can get to somewhere with an internet connection. Wifi is recommended when you want to upload data captured on-site to our web portal, Kulla, as the photograph file sizes can be quite large.

3. Can I use my own design of witness diagram/station description?  

Yes. The templates that are used to create the PDF witness diagrams are customisable so we can recreate any documents you currently use in-house, or even design you new ones if you like.  Designs that are specific to your business only appear to users you invite to be part of your company within Kulla.

There are standard templates built in for Network Rail and the Environment Agency, as well as some generic ones provided by us for general use which are available to everyone.

Whether you need to create diagrams for an organization, e.g. English Heritage, or simply for yourself, just get in touch and send us over what you currently use. Provided there’s nothing out of the ordinary on there we’ll build it into the system for you.

And the best part? We’ll do it for free!

4. So how much does it cost? 

There are two chargeable elements to the PGM Manager App. 

One: An “upload" which means exporting the details of a permanent ground marker from the app into Kulla so it can be reviewed and edited. 

Two: An "export" which means creating a PDF witness diagram (regardless of which template you use). There is no requirement to create witness diagrams for every PGM uploaded - the decision of which ones to export is up to you, and you can create as many watermarked previews as you like before fully exporting to make sure all the data is correct.

As mentioned above, we will create custom witness diagram templates based on what you already use (or we can design new ones) for free - get in touch and tell us what you need.

So you can evaluate PGM Manager at your leisure, the first 25 uploads and exports are free, then...£0.20 per upload £2.00 per export.

No monthly contracts or quotas for users/ data storage – just pay for what you use.

5. How do I get started? 

First, head on over to Kulla at, create an account and set up your company details.  From there you can invite other users as well.

Then to download the App, simply go to the App Store and search for "PGM Manager" on your iOS device, or use this itunes link -

Before you can upload any data, the app will ask you to log in using your user credentials from above.  Once that’s done all the information will appear in your company section in Kulla where you can view, edit and export it.

For more detailed guides and information, see our help section at, where you can also submit a support request if you get stuck.

We’re also happy to give a full demo at your premises if you like – just get in touch and we can make the arrangements.

What are you waiting for?