The Story So Far...


Jimmy Pewtress has been creating commercial software for over ten years and has specialised in mobile apps since 2010. He held a number of mobile developer positions at software houses around the country and worked on projects for national brands such as Pret A Manger and NME before embarking into the world of freelance. 

In 2012, Jimmy was recruited by Network Rail to replace paper forms completed manually by track engineers with software that would enable data capture on smartphones. Information is saved on the device and exported as required.

Over the course of three and a half years he gained a wealth of experience in delivering solutions to personnel on the ground with a focus on user interface design/usability and also managing workflow once data is exported back to base.

During that time a number of common limitations kept cropping up:

  • There was no central location to store data
  • Email was the main mechanism for transferring data
  • Traffic only went one way - mainly from site to the office
  • All information was stored as documents like .docx and .pdf, limiting what could be done with it
  • Limited improvement in office process as the documents would have to be opened, read, data entered into other systems etc
  • Limited means of distribution

Through this exposure it became apparent that if these limitations could be overcome, there are countless opportunities to benefit the surveying/engineering sectors. To that end he built Kulla, an online platform that acts as a central repository for storing, viewing and exporting data uploaded from mobile devices out in the field.

He then created PGM Manager, the first of many apps that will feed in to Kulla.

Through continuous dialogue with companies in the survey industry, he now has a roadmap of projects that  will connect office staff with workers in the field with two-way communication to streamline and automate a lot of the paperwork that goes into the day-to-day workflow.

That said, Kullasoft are always on the lookout for more solutions that can make peoples' lives easier so if you have any ideas or want to ask "could you build an app for X?" then do get in touch and we'll make it happen.

If you're wondering if something is possible, the Kullasoft philosophy is if you can imagine it, you can build it!